Will Coronavirus Really Take Down Craps Landscape?


Coronavirus has made a huge impact on the functioning of how every form of industry work. At present, the casino malaysia have made sure to establish according to the guidelines to protect themselves and customers from the viruses. Even though the operators are maintaining social distancing and establishing proper care, they still fear to what extent they can function the casinos. They are sure that many of the gambling platforms will be affected, Craps being the most. Every casino operator around the world fears the same and doubts whether the coronavirus army can end the casino like the Thanos with a finger’s snap. Well, we will find out that in this post. So, wear your mask, wash your hands, sanitize your electronics and hands, and get ready to dive deep into the article.

Craps- a Classic Casino Game

Craps were considered as a game to pass the time till World War II. After that, the game saw an increase in popularity.  When the soldiers returned home, they started playing Craps in the streets. After quite some time, the money involved in gambling was introduced into the Craps, and the rest was history. Craps from its initial stage onwards are titled as the social game and are only one among the many social games found in the casino.

Craps, COVID-19, and Social Distancing

Since Craps is known as a social game, it will be affected more during these tough pandemic times. A lot of social gathering platforms like pubs, restaurants, to the casino, social distancing will ruin the spirit of gathering fun times. Even though casinos have struggled to keep the customers and staff away from the virus, they don’t know how far it will be effective. The operators have even made arrangements of six feet difference between the players and enjoy Craps.

No Crappy Craps Again!

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many casinos have even completely shut down the Craps. Simultaneously, some of them have tied the game, for the time being, hoping to get over this cloud of hard times. One of the fine examples is Massachusetts. The city erased the game from its land like a sand breeze!


Online Craps and COVID-19

Even though land-based casinos are finding it hard to withstand in the community, it differs from online craps. Even though the internet casinos have made a huge attempt to bring the same idea to working, it is quite not the same found on land-based casinos. You find these in live dealer casinos and get the same experience as playing on land-based casinos.


It is going to get tough from here, and casino owners are not ready to give up! Craps have been a universally accepted game of all age groups and are here to stay.  Even though it is hard to operate Craps during these challenging times, eventually, we will see the results of players heading towards casinos in the future. The casino owners have their fingers crossed and hoping for a sign during these challenging times.

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